During this 100 hours online Meditation and Mindfulness course you will learn to meditate step by step with proper knowledge and using the correct tools and techniques which will be taught to you.

This course is an education/ learning program and not a mere copying program such as apps, guided meditation etc..One has to learn and understand the concept of Meditation and Mindfulness. Next we teach you the tools and techniques of Meditation and Mindfulness. Appropriate tools and techniques have to be used in different life situations.All these will be explained to you very clearly. You will be trained to use all these knowledge and self practice Meditation and Mindfulness during this course.

Once you learn and practice yourself you will be able to teach confidently to others. We will also train you to teach others during this course.

  • 100-hour online private meditation and mindfulness teacher training course
  • A certificate upon completion accredited by Yoga Alliance International
  • 50 live sessions, each for one hour - one hour and 15 minutes
  • 50 to 60 contact hours consisting of teaching, coaching, and teaching training
  • Minimum 50 non-contact hours for self-study, self-practice, and self-teaching practice
  • Live online sessions will be held over Facebook and Whats app
  • Timezone: Himalayan Yoga Retreat and Ayurveda Center is based in Siem Reap,Cambodia (GMT +7). From 07:00 - 11:00 (GMT +7), you can fix mutually suitable timings for 50 sessions with the teacher.
  • Self-paced: A total of 100 hours can be completed at your own pace, depending on how many sessions you take per day
  • Dates and times of schedule can be changed or postponed upon request
  • The class is a one-on-one or two-person program (all private)
  • Anyone who can speak and understand English well can follow this training course
  • No previous experience required
  • Have an open mind to learn

    Upon completion of this course, you will receive an internationally recognized "Yoga Alliance International" certificate on Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training.


    This training is a one-on-one or two-persons private training program. Each session lasts from one hour to one hour and 15 minutes. Printed notes will be sent through email regularly and students are also required to take their own notes.

    A total of 100 hours can be completed at your own pace, depending on how many sessions you take per day. You are suggested to take one session per day, where you will have time to study and practice at least one hour every day.


    The teacher and student have to fix mutually suitable timings for 50 sessions, between 07:00 a.m. and 11.00 p.m.
    Cambodian time (GMT +7) before they start the training. It can be flexible,
    and you can discuss and make changes if required.


    Meditation and Mindfulness becomes easy if it is practiced with the right knowledge (from the ancient scriptures/vedas/philosophy) -about the concept of meditation and mindfulness; about the practice of meditation and mindfulness ; about the tools and techniques for meditating and mindfulness. One must also know the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, such as physical benefits, therapeutic benefits, and spiritual benefits. In this teacher training course, you will learn to meditate and be mindfulness step by step with proper knowledge, using the correct tools gradually. One cannot forcibly do the meditation without any knowledge about meditation - knowledge guides your mind /thought process and based on your thought process your action/practice and teaching. This course is an education program and not a merely trying to forcefully meditate or copying program. It will teach you how to meditate and to be mindfulness and also train you on how to teach others. Once you experience the practice and the benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness yourself during this course you can confidently teach others. We will also train you how to teach Meditation & Mindfulness. Everyone can meditate if learned and
    practiced systematically as an education program. You will be trained by qualified
    and experienced teacher from India having wide
    experience in teaching Meditation in many countries.

  • Concept of meditation and mindfulness
  • Ancient philosophy on meditation and mindfulness
  • Why meditation and mindfulness are essential for everyone in modern lifestyle
  • Principles of meditation and mindfulness
  • Tools for meditation and mindfulness
  • Various meditation techniques and styles
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Chakras and meditation & mindfulness
  • Kundalini and meditation & mindfulness
  • Pranayama and meditation & mindfulness
  • Nidra yoga and meditation
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Mantras and meditation
  • Visualization and meditation
  • Imagination and meditation
  • Mind control and meditation & mindfulness
  • Willpower and meditation & mindfulness
  • Trataka and meditation
  • Senses and meditation
  • Smiling, laughing, and meditation
  • Walking meditation & mindfulness
  • Meditation in action and mindfulness
  • Silence and meditation
  • Proper diet and meditation & mindfulness
  • Concentration and meditation
  • Focusing and meditation & mindfulness
  • Samadhi and meditation
  • Kirtan / devotional songs and meditation
  • Simple meditation
  • Aum meditation
  • Japa and ajapa meditation
  • Cyclic meditation
  • Satsang meditation
  • Self-introspection and meditation
  • Yoga techniques and meditation
  • Asanas/postures and meditation
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Mudras and meditation
  • Meditation and Mindfulness to prevent diseases by strengthening the Immune system
  • Meditation to reverse / heal diseases
  • Meditation and Mindfulness to increase memory
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for preventing anxiety and depression
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for preventing mental diseases
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for preventing and healing Psychosomatic diseases
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for spiritual growth
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for peace of mind and happiness
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for stress management
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for weight management
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for finding right solutions and decision making for life problems
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for nurturing creativity and lateral thinking
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for enhancing analytical and intuitive capability
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for enhancing Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for working without stress and strain and to increase
    the work efficiency
  • Meditation and Mindfulness to get rid of unhealthy habits
  • Meditation and Mindfulness to live a happy stress-free life

On completion of our training course you will be fully qualified to become a Meditation and Mindfulness teacher who can confidently teach others.


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