Meditation becomes easy if it is practiced with clear knowledge of the concept of Meditation, Philosophy on Meditation from the ancient scriptures, Tools for meditating and the Benefits of meditation.

Learn to meditate step by step with proper knowledge, using the correct tools gradually. One cannot forcibly do the Meditation without any knowledge about meditation. Our training course will teach you how to meditate and also train you how to teach others.


  1. Concept of Meditation
  2. Ancient philosophy on Meditation
  3. Why Meditation is essential for every one in our Modern life style
  4. Principles of Meditation
  5. Tools for Meditation
  6. Various Meditation techniques and styles
  7. Mindfulness and Meditation
  8. Cakras and Meditation
  9. Kundalani and Meditation
  10. Pranayama and Meditation
  11. Yoga Nidra and Meditation
  12. Relaxation and Meditation
  13. Mantras and Meditation
  14. Visualization and Meditation
  15. Imagination and Meditation
  16. Mind control and Meditation
  17. Will power and Meditation
  18. Trataka and Meditation
  19. Senses and Meditation
  20. Smiling and Laughing and Meditation
  21. Walking Meditation
  22. Meditation in action
  23. Silence and Meditation
  24. Proper Diet and Meditation
  25. Concentration and Meditation
  26. Focussing and Meditation
  27. Samadhi and Meditation
  28. Kirtan/Devotional songs and Meditation
  29. Simple Meditation
  30. Aum Meditation
  31. Japa and Ajapa Meditation
  32. Cyclic Meditation
  33. Satsang Meditation
  34. Self introspection and Meditation
  35. Yoga Techniques and Meditation
  36. Asanas/Postures and Meditation
  37. Vippasana Meditaion
  38. Mudras and Meditation

Applications of Meditation

  1. Meditation to prevent diseases
  2. Meditaion to reverse/heal diseases
  3. Meditation to increase Memory
  4. Meditation for Spiritual growth
  5. Meditation for peace of mind and happiness
  6. Meditation for Stress Management
  7. Meditation for Weight Management
  8. Meditation for finding right solutions and decision making for life problems
  9. Meditation for Nurturing creativity and lateral thinking
  10. Meditation for enhancing anaytical and intutive capability
  11. Meditation for enhancing Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  12. Meditation for working without stress and strain and to increase the work efficiency
  13. Meditation to get rid of unhealthy habits
  14. Meditation to live a happy stress free life


Generally Meditation is considered difficult especially by young and western students, because they are not used to sit for long period. Meditation is a process of Mind control. Therefore with proper knowledge it can be practiced in various physical positions such as sitting, lying standing, walking , dancing, doing Asans. Mind can be controlled in all these physical positions using proper tools. In our Teacher Training Course we will train you to meditate in all these different physical positions. Whichever physical position suites you, you can choose one or more positions to meditate.

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